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    La journée a été principalement consacrée à la vérification des conséquences de l'attentat de Manbij qui a coûté la vie à 18 personnes, dont quatre soldats américains. Tous les détails et une vidéo de l'évènement sur notre site.


    Libye: Violents affrontements entre milices rivales à Tripoli


    Syrie: au moins 18 morts dans un attentat à Manbij, dont au moins quatre soldats américains

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  • Libya: Tripoli chaos worsens as Al Qaeda joins the fighting


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    An Al Qaeda-linked group has been involved in the recent attacks on the Libyan capital Tripoli.
    Fighters from the coalition of the Benghazi Shura Revolutionary Council (BSRC), which held Libya’s second largest city for two years and included groups that pledged allegiance to ISIS and Al Qaeda, are believed to have been seen on the outskirts of Tripoli by pro-government brigades. It is the first time that the government has named the group and accused it of involvement in the clashes.
    Sunday, heavy shelling of residential areas in the south and centre of the city was reported.
    “Yes, (BSRC) are here. Many wanted criminals are involved in the assault on Tripoli. They fight alongside Salah Badi, who has no mandate from any government body to attack the capital,” Ahmed Ben Salim, spokesman for the pro-government Special Deterrence Force known as Rada, told The National.
    Salah Badi was a senior commander in Libya Dawn, an Islamist coalition that razed Tripoli’s main airport to the ground in 2014. He recently returned from his base in Turkey to lead an attack on Tripoli on August 26 with fighters from his Al Samoud Brigade and a group known as the Kani, which is based in the Libyan suburb of Tarhouna. Pro-government brigades often accuse extremists of attacking them, but it is the first time BSRC are said to be behind the attacks.
    A ceasefire brokered by the UN mission to Libya in early September has repeatedly been ignored, but the largest of clashes broke out on Thursday. It pits a grouping of pro-government militias, informally known as the Tripoli Cartel, against a coalition of brigades from outside the capital, including Mr Badi’s forces. The UN mission for the first time publicly called him out on Thursday night for instigating the resumption of violence, as well as a nominally pro-government brigade known at the Abu Sleem Central Security Force.
    One of the most prominent leaders in the Tripoli’s fighting is Mohamed Darmona, a man who was arrested in Misrata but released without being referred to the judiciary,” said Mr Ben Salim, the spokesman for the pro-government brigade Rada.
    He has attacked Mitiga (Tripoli’s sole functioning airport), kidnapped people and tried to release ISIS fighters that Rada holds. Some of these ISIS members are important in smuggling fighters into Libya, but he still tried to release them. These people are illegitimate and do not follow any governmental authority,” Mr Ben Salim added.
    Special Deterrence Force known as Rada
    Rada is an ultra-conservative brigade that controls Metiga airport and a nearby prison that holds some 2,500 inmates including the brother of the Manchester bomber, Hashem Abedi. They are officially a brigade operating under the interior ministry but largely do as they please.
    The Tripoli Cartel, which has held sway for more than two years since ousting Libya Dawn, are accused of extortion and kidnapping of rivals. Despite this, they insist they want peace and presidential elections to remedy the capital’s chaos.
    “There needs to be a provisional suspension of all the fighting with all forces withdrawing to their bases without any conditions. Then we need parliament and government elections,” Jalel Al Wershafani, spokesman for Tripoli’s most powerful force known as the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, told The National.
    A French-led push for December elections have failed amid the turmoil and the Tripoli Cartel have fought against rival militias that attacked the capital since late August.
    Repeated condemnations and calls for peace by the international community have failed, as the violence that initially encroached on Tripoli’s suburbs threatens to reach the capitals centre and most populated areas. The Al-Samoud Brigade led by Salah Badi did not respond to requests for comment.

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  • LIBYE: l’aéroport de la capitale libyenne fermé pour le quatrième jour consécutif


    LIBYE: l’aéroport de la capitale libyenne fermé pour le quatrième jour consécutif

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    Le seul aéroport encore opérationnel dans le pays – l’aéroport de Mitiga de la capitale libyenne, Tripoli, est resté fermé toute la  journée du mercredi 17 janvier 2018 après que des violents affrontements entre groupes armés aient endommagé des avions appartenant aux quatre compagnies aériennes qui y opèrent.
    Des affrontements ont encore éclaté dès le matin du jeudi 18 janvier entre la brigade 33 dirigée par Bashir Al-Bugra et la force spéciale de dissuasion qui exploite l’aéroport de Mitiga.
    Le ministère libyen de la Santé du gouvernement basé à Tripoli a rapporté lundi 15 janvier que 20 personnes avaient été tuées et 63 autres blessées dans les violents combats qui se sont déroulés autour de l’aéroport de Mitiga
    « L’espace aérien de Mitiga reste fermé et il appartient aux autorités de décider quand il sera rouvert « , a déclaré mercredi l’administration de l’aéroport dans un bref communiqué.Environ deux avions d’Afriqiyah Airways ont été considérablement endommagés par les affrontements à l’aéroport, alors que des rapports de la sécurité de l’aéroport ont indiqué que plus de 9 avions ont été déplacés sur l’aéroport international de Tripoli pour des raisons de sécurité.
    Des combats en 2014 avaient rendu l’aéroport international de Tripoli inopérant jusqu’ à aujourd’hui, l’aéroport de Mitiga devenant le dernier recours pour entrer et sortir de la capitale libyenne.
    Le Conseil présidentiel aurait demandé la dissolution de la brigade  33..