Frontlive-Chono 2nd March 2018

Friday 2nd March 2018  
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Al Qaeda went wild in Africa on Friday, March 2,2018 : See Frontlive-Chrono for details.
Afghanistan : VBIED against foreign troops convoy in Kabul kills young girl, injures 6 - Details
Burkina Faso : Burkina Faso attack: 30 or so people killed in the attack - Details
Great Britain : An islamist wanted to recruit an "army of children" in London - Details
Iraq : Summary of the latest violences on 1st March 2018 - Details
Kenya : Al Shabaab kill five police in northeast Kenya - Details
Nigeria : Four humanitarian aid workers killed by Boko Haram in the north-eastern part of the country - Details
Somalia : Several Al-Shababab attacks taking over a town north of Mogadishu - Details
Syrie : Turkish jets attack pro-government forces in Afrin - Details -

Syrie : Moscow refused that Iran open a military base in Tartus - Details -
West Bank/Gaza : Israeli troops, Palestinian clash in West Bank and near Gaza border - Details
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