Frontlive-Chono 1st March 2018



Thursday 1sr March 2018  
Dear Frontlive-chrono reader 
Once again, the critical situation of innocent civilians in the Easter Ghouta is the main subject of concern. See  Frontlive-Chrono for more details.
France : Possible death of a figure of French jihad, related to Merah - Details
Germany : life sentence for the perpetrator of a murderous "Islamic" knife attack - Details
Libya : Government of National Unity (GNA) sends troops to Sabha to separate two tribes - Details
Mali : inter-ethnic tensions in Gao for several days now - Details
Somalia : Suicide car bomb detonates near Mogadishu, causing casualties - Details
Syria : Summary of the military activities in Syria on 1 March 2018 - Details -

Syria : Media: The Turkish army wants to start storming the suburbs of Afrin - Details -

Syria : Russia says U.S. has set up about 20 military bases in Syria - Details
Yemen : Pro-governmental forces Further Advance In Central Yemen - Details
Worldwide Jihad : Daech develops and adapts to its defeats in Syria and Iraq - Details
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