Frontlive-Chono 26 February 2018

Monday 26 February 2018  
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Once again, the main topic is the situation in the Eastern Ghoura (East of Damascus). See Frontlive-Chrono for details.

France : French jihadist Fabien Clain placed on the EU sanctions list - Click
Libya : Foreign jihadists in Libya - a threat to Africa and Europe - Click
Syria : Summary of the military activity on 26 February 2018 - Click -

Syria : Symptoms suggest use of chlorine gas attack in eastern Ghouta - Click -

Syria : Syrian Government Forces Open Front Against Militants In Harasta Area In Eastern Ghouta - Click -

Syria : Turkish forces isolate Afrin from the Turkish border - Click

: Turkey sends special forces into Syria's Afrin for 'new fight' - Click -

Syria : Putin orders daily 'humanitarian pause' in Eastern Ghouta from tuesday 27 February - Click

Syria : Lavrov: "Ahrar Sham", Jaish Al-Islam" Excluded from Ceasefire Regime - Click
West Bank : Israel Detains 10 Members of Nabi Saleh's Tamimi Family, Mostly Minors - Click -
Yemen : Pro-government forces captured Mountain Chain East Of Yemeni Capital - Click
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