Frontlive-Chono 12 March 2018

Monday 12 March 2018  
List of articles published on Frontlive-Chrono on monday 12 March 2018.
Germany : three Syrians convicted of belonging to IS organisation - Details
Iran : four "terrorists" killed while attacking a military post - Details
Iraq : Islamic State attacks kill 10 in northern Iraq - Details
Syria : Update of the Battle in the Eastern Ghouta - Details -

Syria : Peace Talks in the three rebel stronghold areas of the Ghouta - Details -

Syria : Infighting Erupts Among Militant Groups In Eastern Ghouta - Russian Defense Ministry - Details -

Syria : Update on the Turkish offensive against the Kurdish pocket of Afrin - Details -

Syria : Kurds Handing Over Checkpoints Near Tell Rifaat, Menagh Airbase To Government Forces - Details
West Bank : Palestinians injured in clashes at protest against Israeli university raid - Details
Yemen : Houthis Storm Another Border Post Of Saudi Army - Details
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