Frontlive-Chono 7 March 2018

Wednesday 7 March 2018  
List of articles posted on Frontlive-Chrono on wednesday 7 March 2018.
Afghanistan : Islamic State calls on Muslims to join its fiefdoms in Afghanistan - Details
Burkina Faso : Eight arrests in the investigation into the attack on Ouagadougou - Details
France : 300 "French" jihadists killed in Syria and Iraq since 2014 - Details -

France : Poland says suspect arrested in 2016 was linked to Paris attacks - Details -

France : 10 years' imprisonment for a Franco-Tunisian who left to do jihad taking his little daughter with him - Details
Lebanon : Casualties in Fierce Clashes at Shatila Palestinian Camp - Details
Libya : three dead in new clashes in the south - Details
Nigeria : Boko Haram kills ten in three separate attacks - Details
Syria : Summary of the military activity in Syria on 7 March 2018 - Details -

Syria : Syrian rebels say will defend Ghouta, not negotiating withdrawal - Details

Syria : List of victims of the crash of the Russian An-26 aircraft - Details
United Kingdom : London subway Attack: Defendant says he was trained by Daesh - Details
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